Mountain Biking Above Bogotá

cycling up el verjon

Pedaling up El Verjón, with two Canadians, with Bogotá in the background.

Bogotá Bike Tours offers mountain bike tours: a great way to get a workout, see some great views and escape from the big city! After a few minutes of riding, you won’t believe that you could be so close to the city.

El Verjón attracts hundreds of cyclists on a nice weekend or holiday morning, riding beat-up mountain bikes, old bmx-ers and high-end racing bikes, sometimes with police escorts.

The road twists and turns through the forest of pines and eucalyptus, offering spectacular views of Bogotá and its surrounding savannah – and a great excuse to stop and catch one’s breath in the thin area at 3,000 meters above sea level.

The Altimetrias Colombia blog says the full ride measures 18.1 kms and climbs 647 meters to reach 3367 meters above sea level, with an average grade of 4.12% and a maximum grade of 12%.

verjón climb

The profile of the Verjón climb, from the Altimetrias Colombia blog.

At the top, stop in the Marquéz del Once for a snack and a hot agua de panela – water sweetened with sugar cane popular with Colombian bicycle racers.

From the top of El Verjón you can coast back down to central Bogotá or ride north and return via La Calera, making a big loop around the city center.

This is one of several mountain bike rides offered by Bogotá Bike Tours.

a selfie el verjon

A selfie near the summit.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


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