The Orange Wave

Dutch cyclists with orange necklaces in Paloquemao fruit market.

Dutch cyclists with orange necklaces taste uchuvas in Paloquemao fruit market.

If only the whole world were a lot like The Netherlands, then bike tours would be a huge business, and the world would be a much better place.

At Bogotá Bike Tours we normally get Dutch riders in numbers far out of proportion to ciclovia naranjathat tiny nation’s size. But these last few days we’ve received a big burst of Orange-suited riders, commemorating Dutch King Willem-Alexander’s 48th birthday.

Yesterday, the Embassy of the Netherlands organized a ‘Ciclovía Naranja’ as part of the city’s normal Sunday/holiday Ciclovía, for which they rented some of our bikes. Today, an orange-dressed crew from the Dutch airline KLM did the bike tour – and even oranged up their bicycles.

decorated bikes dutch orange

As you can see, even the bikes are dressed in orange!

dutch guy with bore

An orange-dressed man lifts a bore, a kind of vegetable, in Paloquemao market.

dutch in tejo place

Playing Colombia’s official national sport, tejo, in orange flower necklaces.

dutch in traditional costumes

Dutch in period dress during La Ciclovia Naranja on Sunday. (Photo: Jaime Carvajal)

dutch park

(Photo: Jaime Carvajal)

ciclovia naranja cyclists lady dutch ciclovia orange ciclovia 2

Final three pics are from the Dutch embassy’s Facebook page.

Blog by Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours


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