Riding With the Kites in Simon Bolivar Park

cyclists and kites in simon bolivar park

Bicycle tourists watch kites in crowded Simon Bolivar Park.

August is traditionally Bogotá’s kite flying month, thanks to the vigorous winds. And the place to be is Simon Bolivar Park, Bogotá’s largest public park.

Today, the 7 de agosto holiday, kites filled the sky and happy kids filled the park. A nice place for bike touring.

flying kites by the lake

Park visitors launch kites by Simon Bolivar Park’s lake.

kids flying kites

Kites fight for sky space.

cyclists and crowded simon bolivar park

The park was almost too crowded to ride a bike.

kites aren't just for kids

A kite-flying veteran concentrates on his craft.

cyclists in simon bolivar park

A pair of happy cyclists in Simon Bolivar.Park.

selling kites outside simon bolivar park

Kites for sale outside the park.

buying kites

Selecting kites by the park’s entrance.

kites in sky simon bolivar park kites and people two kites in sky simon bolivar park flying kites against bogotas hills


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