Of Plazas and Pigeons

pigeons guy

Hi there birds!

Lots of people are surprised by the plentiful pigeons populating Bogotá’s plazas. Other cities try to eliminate these ‘flying rats’, or at least discourage them. But in Bogotá they are honored members of the community. Vendors sell grain to feed them, people pose with them for phots and artists sketch them.

For better or for worse, we often make feathered friends during our bike tours.

girl with pigeons

A little girl feeds pigeons on Plaza Bolivar.

pigeon flying

Woah there!

me and pigeon

Yours truly with a pigeon hitch-hiker.

pigeons and cyclists


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1 Response to Of Plazas and Pigeons

  1. Well done people of Bogata, finally a city that has some respect and care for the pigeon!

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