Julian, Boy Bullfighter and Tour Guide

juli 2

Julian shows us his moves.

Sometimes when we visit Bogotá’s handsome bullfighting stadium, particularly during

juli 3

school vacations, we meet Julian, who is nine years old and dreams of becoming a famous bullfighter. Julian models himself after ‘El Juli’, a Spaniard who is one of the stars of the sport.

Between practicing his moves, Julian likes to show visitors around the stadium, including the bullring and the elaborate stables (which are now empty). Julian’s a very personable and enthusiastic kid and he’d make a great tour guide – which is a good thing, since prospects in bullfighting these days are getting slimmer and slimmer. The fiesta brava has been restricted or banned in Venezuela, Perupracticing bullfighting, Ecuador and even parts of Spain. And Bogotá’s mayor prohibited bullfighting in Bogotá’s plaza, although the bullfighters won a court ruling that cities couldn’t ban bullfighting where it’s traditional.

The fight over bullfighting will continue. Meanwhile, Julian practices his veronicas, hoping one day to bring crowds to their feet.

It’s a good thing, though, that he’s got a back-up career in tour guiding.

Capotes and swords ready for the fiesta brava.

Capotes and swords ready for the fiesta brava.

juli pointing sword

Don’t get scared! Julian points his sword, called an ayudado.

julian and bullhorns

Julian displays a set of bullhorns, used by bullfighters for training.

julian holding bullfighting cape


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