The Culture of Coffee

Esteban, Cafe de la Fonda’s barista, makes coffee art for a group of cyclists.

During out bike tours we often visit Cafe De La Fonda a small and friendly coffee factory, where we get a chance to see how quality arabica Colombian beans are roasted and bagged, and how they contrast with the inexpensive robusta beans which are served in most Colombian restaurants.
Colombia, of course, is known for its high-quality coffee. But, paradoxically, Colombia is one of the most difficult places to find Colombian coffee. That’s because most of the good, arabica beans are exported, to rich nations, while the robusta beans are actually imported – sometimes from as far as way as Vietnam – to supply the domestic market.

On the left, quality arabica beans; on the right, inexpensive robusta beans.

Admiring coffee artwork.

Esteban also made this American Indian.

Mixing robusta coffee beans to cool them down after roasting.


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1 Response to The Culture of Coffee

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Really cool. Coffee and Bicycles… two of the three things that make life worth living.

    Thanks for sharing.

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