Hiking Bogotá’s Hills with Bogotá Bike Tours

The mists roll in.

Bogotá Bike Tours offers hikes through Bogotá’s beautiful Eastern Hills. The area has a bad reputation for muggings, and caution is necessary. But for those willing to risk it, it’s a chance to escape from reality, seemingly a world away from noisy, smoggy, crowded Bogotá. Here are some scenes from a hike to the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, who stands on a hilltop higher than Monserrate.

Dancing in the forest.

A group of hikers with Monserrate behind them.

Walking thru the woods.

The hilltops offer a stunning - and private - view of the city.

On top of the world - or at least the Eastern Hills of Bogota

A group of Norwegians and Colombians atop Bogotá's Eastern Hills.

Tasting fresh-picked berries.

A fallen tree trunk makes a convenient bench.

Under the Virgin of Guadalupe's outstreched arms.

From the base of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Monserrate provides a dramatic backdrop.


About bogotabiketours

Bogota Bike Tours offers guided bicycle tours and bicycle rentals in Bogota, Colombia.
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