Bogotá’s International Blind Football Squad

Colombian and International blind football players

Several afternoons each week a group of blind men meet in Bogotá’s National Park to play football. I’ve always admired them, but do much more now after a group of bike tourists put on blindfolds and played a match with them. My first piece of advice for the sighted who dare to play football blind is to wear your

Where am I?

 bike helmet!During my first five minutes of ‘playing’ – if wandering about disoriented can even be called that – I fell over behind the goal and ran into a steel railing, bruising my forehead, as well as colliding with several other players. During the rest of my ‘playing,’ I never managed to locate either goal or identify which players were my team. The few times that I managed to touch the ball and actually controlled it, I didn’t know what to do with it. Which was understandable, I guess, since I’d lost track of the goals and my teammates.

Hold on - where are you?Same team!

Where's that ball?

Ready to go?

Did I kick it?

Good block!

Good trap!

Fighting for the ball, in the dark.

}xxxxx xxxxx


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