Pedaling Police

Tasting sweet pitaya in the Palo Quemao fruit market.

The other day, a group of friendly Bogotá tourism police joined one of our tours. They seemed to have a good time –  and some spoke English. Many of the officers were from other parts of Colombia, so this was also a chance for them to discover new parts of Bogotá.

On the Plaza del Chorro

In the San Agustin sculpture park.

With an actor dressed up as Death in the Central Cemetery

Cookies in Palo Quemao Fruit Market

By an impressive wall etching near Palo Quemao Market.

In Cafe de la Fonda Coffee Factory

In front of Bogotá Bike Tours


About bogotabiketours

Bogota Bike Tours offers guided bicycle tours and bicycle rentals in Bogota, Colombia.
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