Graffiti Tourism

A psychedelic girl behind the Central Cemetery

Bogotá’s got a great variety of colorful graffiiti, murals and street art on its walls, and we pass lots of them during our tours. Bogotá Bike Tours can also arrange special graffiti tours of the city.

Riders with Che Guevara mural in the National University, which is famed for its graffiti which is colorful, political graffiti - and almost always leftist.

A fat frog.

Someone talented but anonymous chiseled this face into a wall near the Paloquemao fruit market.

Faces on a Wall in La Candelaria

'We Won't Be Quiet!' The city also has lots of political graffiti, altho this one's point isn't clear.

A toxic flower: Is this a commentary on drug crop erradication? GMO plants?

A mysterious face in the Teusaquillo neighborhood.

Colorful faces cry on a Teusaquillo wall.

Alex hangs out on a mural.

Don't turn the other cheek!


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